Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is newsMills

Newsmills is an attempt to make sense out of news text. It aims finance news and tries to dig out key piece of information finance analysts and stock consultants are interested at.

Firstly newsMills have an identified set of news and blog sources from which it fetches news in a real time fashion. Once it gets these feeds , it detects the entities in a news. An entity can be a person , organization , region , country , compay or even economic indices. Newsmills detects all such entities and maps them to a single name. This way when we search for the person Dr Manmohan Singh , even though its marked as Mr Singh or Mr ManMohan or Mr PM of India in the feed , it matches against all such occurrences.

Secondly newsMills detects usefull events. Events are piece of information that people are interested in. An eg: would be PersonSay event. A person say event is when there is a statement given out by a person in the news. This information is carefully extracted and marked as an entity.

Similarly we detect following events. Note that , you can filter the events in the dropdown option bar next to search input box.

Analyst Event
                     These comprises of opinions and comments made by financial analysts regarding a company or its performance over the past or in the future. These suggestions from them is very much valued by people who are trying to formulate an idea on what to expect from a company henceforth.
  Analyst Opinion Event would be comments made by analysts on anything they are interested in the above contexts.
Analyst Rating Event is news regarding raising ,maintaining or downgrading of ratings of a company. Analyst Estimate and Company Guidance Events provide information on the expected revenue a company has generated or its likely forecasts on the same.

Management Event
Management events highlights positional changes that are made in a company's top administrative levels.As these changes can influence the behavior and policies  of a company ,this information would be of great significance.

Corporate Action Event
Instances of Corporate Events could contain company acquisitions,legal battles between any companies, dividend payoffs a company is planning or a company being proclaimed bankrupt etc.
Bankruptcy Events shows you all available news on companies which are labelled bankrupt.
Capital Action Events are news about a company trying to acquire stakes in other firms.
Dividend Events gives you news about companies who are planning to pay off dividends to its shareholders.
Legal Events holds news on legal battles between companies.Mergers and Acquisitions comprise of news regarding a company acquiring another.
Relocation Events shows news on company re-locations to other places as a part of expansion etc.

Market Event
The performance of the market in a given time , say last day or last week , majority among you would want to know it. That is exactly why we classified some news of this category under this label for you.

Product Launch Event
Information  on companies releasing a new product or product upgrades is a point of interest as it can give significant insights on a companies performance and market dominance. We have grouped such news here.

Commodity Related
Many would be keen to track changes in the prize of exchange-listed commodities in the market. Such news is categorized as commodity event and would be listed for reference.
Commodity Common Event comprises of general news regarding  a commodity and its market performance mostly supply,demand or usage.
Commodity Company Event would provide you information about companies that are directly or indirectly involved in commodity market.
Commodity Prize event as its name suggests points to the prize variations of a particular commodity.

Newsmills Tab Description


          You can scroll over all the events which appears sorted by date in the events tab. While hovering over events the corresponding event is displayed with its relevant tags and categorization on the right half. The filter above lets you select the type of events you are interested in. Source of news and Time is displayed on the right side just above the news.


TimeSeries tab gives you an overview of events that occured at a particular time period. The scroll bar at the bottom lets you select a time range and the events that corresponds to that period is displayed. Total count of all events are displayed on the right corner. Each dot represents an event and on clicking that dot you can navigate to that event.


Relation tab is the aggregated knowledge done over your search query.
It basically gives an idea on which all are the top entities and who all are related and to what depth.. You can select the groups in the Configure tab and the intensity of relation is displayed. Select one , you can have a model window showing events where all identified entities which is of relevance is displayed in bold.


News Tab displays news in a sorted way. The news along with its source and time is displayed. On clicking the right most icon you can have  a full view or summary of the corresponding news.

Geo View

 Geo View provides a comprehensive view of the type of events which falls under a particular region. Hover over regions as in a world map. Based on the filter the events are displayed accordingly.